These tables were developed in the UK around 1880 and were designed to bring into use dining rooms which were rarely used for formal dining. These tables are extremely popular because of the dual purpose facility. They were also manufactured with a dual-height mechanism - one height for playing the other for dining. These tables come in five sizes:- 5ft (152 x 76 cm), 6 ft (183 x 91.5 cm), 7 ft (214 x 107 cm), 8 ft (244 x 122 cm) and 9 ft (274 x 137cm. All games can be played on these tables ie pool, snooker, billiards. It is essential that these tables are manufactured with a slate bed playing surface

Riley 7ft Antique Snooker Dining Table Oak Serpentine

E J Riley 7ft Antique Snooker Dining Table Oak C.1910

Vintage 7ft Snooker Dining Table

Vintage 8ft Oak Snooker Dining Table 1950's

Antique Cottage Range M1 6ft Burroughes & Watts Snooker Dining Table Circa late 1890s 

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