Antique Snooker Table E J Riley of Accrington with Beatles history (SOLD)

Antique Snooker Table E J Riley of Accrington with Beatles history (SOLD)

Antique Snooker Table by E J Riley of Accrington with Beatles history
6ft x 3ft Slate Billiards Pool Snooker Table in Solid Mahogany, Table stamp is M
Date Circa 1895 to 1910


It will have a new re Cover in 100% Wool Cloth in Old English Green so will look fantastic
An excellent investment
This table has significant history behind it as the Beatles regularly used this public house before and after preforming at the Tavern, they played on this table!
This is a wonderful billiards table which spent its life in the Grapes pub in Matthew Street, Liverpool, this is where the Beatles used to drink regularly in the 1960s, it comes with a signed letter from the Landlady who used to own the pub at this time, stating that the Beatles drank there regularly and played on the table - See letters which are included in this sale - I understand the table was removed in 1998 stored and then taken to their personal address in 2006.
The table is in excellent original condition and is a rare example as this has the very early date stamp of M, it sits on a Solid mahogany frame and has four hand carved fluted legs, The table is fitted with a one piece bolted slate bed, it has brass fitting pocket plates with leather pocket covers and string pockets, everything is in near original condition,
The accessories are all original from this time, E J Riley, Brush, Snooker balls, Cues, Rest and Scoreboard
This table is over 100 years old and can be dated from the stamped Letter of M
Table and frame are in excellent condition the cloth is being replaced, all the
cushions are good. It has an approx playing area of 6x3 feet, This table and frame is in excellent condition.
Price includes new re-cover to bed and cushions 
Please see all pictures for style, condition and detail.
Will come with pro owned accessorises as below
Table details

*Main frame and fixing bolts

*Solid Carved Mahogany Legs x4

* Welsh Slate, Bed, Frame & Cover plugs

* Brass pocket plates, String pockets & Covers

*Boxed Set of E J Riley Snooker Balls

*Red and Yellow Pool Balls & Chalk

*Triangle & E J Riley Scoreboard

*E J Riley Cues and 1 Rest

*E J Riley Brush