Antique Roll-Over Gamage 7x4ft Dining Snooker Pool Table Solid Oak c1920s (SOLD)

Antique Roll-Over Gamage 7x4ft Dining Snooker Pool Table Solid Oak c1920s (SOLD)

Gamages of London
Solid Oak Roll -Over Convertible Dining Table
Circa 1920s 7ft x 4ft Slate Bed
Billiard | Pool | Snooker Table
Around 100 years old in excellent original condition with amazing grain and patina
full set of 12 pictures of this table and accessories will be added to listing soon
This wonderful antique solid oak 7x4 snooker dining table with solid hand made Oak frame and top which has four hand carved round oak legs with a one piece fitted slate and solid Brass pocket plates, leather pocket covers and string pockets, all in near original condition. The cloth to bed and cushions are in excellent order and all the cushions have good bounce.
It comes with Boxed Set Snooker Balls, 2 Cues, 1 Rest,
Box of Chalks, Triangle, a Set of Pool balls and Scoreboard
The table is in excellent order throughout and has a wonderful oak grain and patina, it is very well constructed from solid oak and it is a quality piece, this table has a roll - over top to play snooker and this is a one person operation.
In this condition and size its Scarce to find as early 1920s
Convertible Oak Dining Table in excellent original condition
Accessorise are included in this sale.


An excellent investment!
Please see all pictures for style, detail and condition.
Size of dining table is 83' inches Long and 48 3/4' inches wide approx
The playing area is 6x3 approx
Table details
*Solid Oak Legs

*Roll-over System

* Welsh Slate Bed and Frame

*Solid Oak Legs & Roll-over System
* Brass pocket plates, String pockets & Covers

*Main Oak frame and Solid Oak Legs

*2 Cues 1 Rest and Scoreboard

*Triangle and a box of Chalks

*Boxed Set of Snooker Balls

*Boxed Set of Pool Balls

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