Antique Stevens and Sons Circa 1880s 6ft Snooker Table (SOLD)

Antique Stevens and Sons Circa 1880s 6ft Snooker Table (SOLD)

Wonderful Antique Table by Stevens & Sons, Villiers Street, Charing Cross, London, Circa 1880s


6ft x 3ft Slate Snooker Table in Solid Mahogany with Three Piece Slate Bed
This table sits on a Solid Mahogany frame and has four hand carved Tulip legs, The table is fitted with a one piece 1.5 inch bolted slate, it has, Brass pocket plates with heavy duty leather pocket covers, large string pockets, The table is in excellent condition, all caps and covers are in place and it all sits beautifully on this well constructed solid mahogany base. An excellent investment.
It will come with pro owned accessorises as below
x2 cues, x2 rests, Chalk, Triangle, Snooker balls, Billiard balls and Pool balls.
Size of table is 76' inches Long and 40' inches wide, it has an 6x3 playing area approx
Please see all pictures for style, condition and detail.

Table details

*Carved Mahogany Legs x4

* Welsh Slate, Bed and Frame

*Main mahogany frame and fixing bolts

* Brass pocket plates, String pockets & Leather Covers

*6 Solid Mahogany Leg Cover plates

*Snooker and Billiard Balls

*Triangle and 2 Chalks

*2 Cues and 2 Rests

*Set of Pool Balls