The Game Bar Billiards

The Game Bar Billiards 

This game can also sometimes referred to as Russian Bagatelle, Snookertte, Skittle Billiards and is thought to have derived from Bagatelle. The game was very popular and was mainly played in clubs and pubs in the UK, a Bar Billiard League and Association was formed.


The game is played on a slate Bar Billiard Table - playing from one end only and using 9 holes, plus a set skittles or mushroom shaped skittles in front of some of the holes. These tables have a unique built in timer and is normally coin operated by a slot mechanism - each game is timed for around 15 minutes.





These were manufactured by some of our top makers, such as Jelks & Sons, Padmore, Burroughes & Watts, Sam's and E J Riley.

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