Antique & Vintage Sales


At Isaacs-Snooker-Billiards, we specialise in antique snooker | billiards | pool tables and accessories.  

We love what we achieve and hope you will too.



Our stock ranges from antique snooker and billiards tables in sizes from miniature to full size, including antique snooker dining tables, bar billiard tables and roll-over snooker tables. The stock is added to on a regularly basis. Our collections include a variety of antique dining tables & billiard tables, including oak, Walnut and mahogany tables including dining chairs as well, we also stock a wide range of antique and vintage accessories all at competitive prices.

We are antiques enthusiasts and do not stock new, reproduction, or modern items.

Not all stock will appear on our website, we have a customer waiting list and we will endeavour to fulfil this requirement promptly as some of items can sell straightaway. If you are looking for something specific please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this need. We will contact you when a suitable item becomes available. (There is no charge for this service.)







Our work is carefully carried out by hand and we pride ourselves in originality. We use traditional tools / methods and each piece is sympathetically restored to its original condition.



"The more original & perfect condition, the more it's worth as an investment"


Our Customers 


We sell to all clientele including general public, we can work to most customer requirements and pride ourselves in meeting this need and we are passionate about your needs, we will always respect and listen to the customer by involving the client throughout, our excellent customer service makes all the difference. We will consult with you throughout all stages of your transaction to meet your requirements.


Antique Snooker and Billiard Tables


Antique & Vintage Snooker tables are stocked by us and can range from the 19th century to mid 20th century, these consist of miniature snooker tables to full size Snooker / billiards tables, however we do not stock pool tables or modern tables. Examples of our stock ranges in size, from J P Mannock miniature billiard table to antique full size tables. We have many years experience in this field. All our stock is in near original condition, they will retain the character and each individual piece is completed by hand, using traditional methods. We can replacement cloth to bed and cushions to meet your requirements. If replacement parts are required we will use traditional methods and will be craftsmanship made.

We pride our-self on attention to detail.




All our antique tables come with accessorises and we can also provide specific accessories for our customer requirements. I.S.B also stock a wide range of antique snooker and billiards accessories, ranging from antique snooker scoreboards, life pool scoreboards, antique snooker cues, cue rack and more. 

Table Hire or Rental


We have a selection of antique snooker tables and billiard tables that can be hired. We have experience of supplying tables for film studios and can also provide hire for photo shoots and advertising etc. Please contact us with your requirements. Tables can be hired from 24hrs or longer periods if needed.


World Wide Export 


We have a selection of antique snooker tables and billiards tables that can be shipped. Please contact us with your requirements. 

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