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Snooker | pool | billiards tables, sizes range  from miniature to full size. We also have snooker | pool convertible dining tables, bar billiard tables and rollover tables.


Our collections include a variety of convertible dining tables made in solid oak, walnut and mahogany.  We also stock a wide range of accessories all at competitive prices.

antique snooker | billiards | pool table

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FILM STUDIO | Snooker Table Supplied For Film Set

new arrival

E J Riley Serpentine 6ft convertible Snooker | Pool Dining Table Solid Mahogany

This wonderful 6x3 feet table in Mahogany with Serpentine edges and it sits on a hand made Solid Mahogany frame which has four hand

carved cabriole legs

E J Riley Serpentine 6ft convertible Sno

SNOOKER TABLE NEW HOME | Also Supplied Pool Table

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